Our Services


With international network, our sea freight service covers dozens of sea routes to over 100 ports worldwide. This enable us to provide reliable ocean transportation and logistic services at the highest level. In addition, we continue to respond quickly to global market demands which give our customers the power to maintain the production and delivery schedules, keeping up with their increasingly complex, multi- sourced supply chains.

Sometimes, overnight service is not an option. And air service is often the only major form of transportation to remote areas.

At Blue Star Indonesia, we fully understand the urgency of time critical shipments. If time is your main concern, then our air freight service is your solution.

As we committed to provide the most reliable and time effective shipments, customer service is also something we take seriously. Our time of experienced professionals will provide you with fresh perspectives and effective solutions that will benefit you and your business.

Blue Star Indonesia has distinguished itself as one of the most respected and reliable logistics service provider inthe country. In order to maintain that reputation, we dedicated ourselves to continuously improve our level of service, and that includes providing hundreds of our fully owned inland transportation fleet.

As an asset, based company, it is highly important to maintain, organize, and maximize the value of our assets. To meet the transportation requirements of a rapidly evolving global commodity, we offer a unique combination of experience and capability with a diversified portfolio of transportation capacity, flexibility, and logistic solutions. More about charcoal and DG handling shipment.

Understanding the needs and requirements of each customer is the basic principle in providing satisfactory services. Whatever they need, we provide. Our consolidation service is a specialised range of services that are highly developed to offer total shipping reliability and efficiency.

We offer one consignment shipping, even from multiple suppliers, with mode transportation options to ensure optimum cost effectiveness. We also monitor every shipping to ensure on-time despatch, and create reports that are tailored to show every shipping received at the destination.

As a continuation between our customers and the customs authorities, we form a professional team of customs specialists that proves to be an invaluable service when it comes to customs clearance. We will ensure that shipments are accurately classified so the clearance process will not take too much time and avoid additional costs.

Our internal system is regularly reviewed to ensure our customs clearance procedures for the benefit of our customers. And for every consignment cleared through Customs on our customer's behalf, we are able to generate comprehensive reports, specifically made to their individual requirements.

At our company, we understand that each customer has unique service requirements. As a result, we always strive to customize our services to meet the individual needs of every customer. Whether you need to store one container or several thousand, you can rest assured that transferring your container to our depot will always be smooth and hassle-free.

The same level of customization applies to our warehousing services. We provide strategically-located warehouses that can also serve as distribution centers to meet our customers' requirements. With our professional warehouse management, we facilitate ground delivery to all cities nationwide, helping you manage your logistics more effectively. No matter what your warehousing needs may be, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and personalized experience.